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One of Bella's 2017 pups - pointing a wing at 10 weeks of age.


If we can't satisfy what you are looking for, we may be able to direct you to responsible breeders who have quality vizsla puppies available.

We are planning for a spring 2019 litter.


We have a litter due on the ground, Early Spring 2019

Our UKC Grand Champion
Bella of Skoglundfarm

mated with

AKC Dual Champion, National Gun Dog Champion, American Field Champion, Grand Champion
Boulder's N Fusion's Heart Of A Stallion / Enzo Vizsla
JH NAVHDA NA Prize I - Perfect Score

Check his full pedigee out at

What would you like in a pedigree?

Conformaton Champion?
Grand Champion?
Dual Champion?
Field Champion?
National Amateur Field Champion?
National Gun Dog Champion?
And more? Much more?

This litter has it!


You purchase a puppy from us, and in doing so it is your puppy.

You can name it anything you like.

You can compete with it or not.

You can have full registration with it unless we decide it is of the quality that should not be bred, in which case, you will be told that ahead of time, it will be reflected in the price you pay, and we both agree to the terms.

Otherwise, all our dogs are of high quality and we sell our puppies on full registration.


Give Paul a call at 507-221-1370
Or email us at

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