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   Love those Vizsla's!

Our Vizsla's are not just hunters and show dogs.
- - -Although our V's have titles in, & have excelled at both!

They are loyal, well trained family dogs.
They are house-trained and well mannered in the house.
They crave attention, but are not hyper.

The Vizsla is an intelligent, trainable, healthy, beautiful breed of pointing dog.

Call me (Paul at 507-221-1370) if you would like to chat about the Vizsla!

We are planning a litter for the fall of 2018. See our puppy page!


This breed is often described as the "Velcro Vizsla."

Most dogs are affectionate, but this medium-size hunting dog is especially attached to his people.

His Velcro nature has to do with his past: the Vizsla was developed in Hungary to be both a pointer and retriever who would work close to the hunter, never ranging too far away. That trait is still seen in today's Vizsla, who prefers to be leaning against your leg or serving as a footwarmer. If having a dog shadow you all day would annoy you, choose a different breed.

Despite their penchant for sticking close to their human pals, Vizslas are versatile and hard-working dogs who are happiest when they have a job to do. In a family, that job can be hunting companion, therapy dog, or jogging buddy.

If you're interested in dog sports and activities, your Vizsla would probably be happy to compete.

The Vizsla is the first and so far only breed to produce a quintuple champion — in conformation, field, obedience and agility.

His superb scenting skills make him a natural hunter of both fur and feather. Vizslas have also been guide dogs, drug-detection dogs, therapy dogs, and search-and-rescue dogs, and have competed in falconry, flyball, tracking, and hunt tests.

Whatever you do with your Vizsla, train this sensitive dog with kindness and positive reinforcement. He's quick to learn, and his keen senses and protective instinct make him an excellent watchdog.


Our dogs have proven themselves in the show ring, in the field, and are affectionate and loyal dogs in the home.


The V's and I work at an Orvis endorsed Hunting Lodge in Wyoming.

We hunt with our dogs!

Here are 3 of our vizslas -

Annie Oakley on point -

Gypsy backing Annie's point -

and Riley honoring Gypsy's back.


We even have some of our dogs who are working as service dogs.

Give Paul a call at 507-221-1370
Or email us at

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