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   The Home Farm


My Great-Grandparents came from Sweden and homesteaded in southeastern South Dakota in the 1880's.

This is the farm that my parents, Alden and Delores spent 50 years of their lives working.


Alden and Delores starting keeping Pheasant Hunters on thier working family farm in 1957. Over the years they enjoyed meeting many interesting people and renewing many friendships each fall.

Dad and Mom have passed away.

They are greatly missed.

They had been married 65 years.


I'm Paul.

I grew up looking forward to each fall and the excitement of Pheasant Season.

I spent 30 years as a High School Agriculture Education Teacher living in Southwestern Minnesota. Now I work as a Wingshooting Guide in Wyoming and South Dakota.

And I have been blessed with amazing Grandkids and great dogs!


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